Salt and pepper Branding

Your restaurant has many people through it in a weeks time, why not take advantage of that exposure.

Salt and Pepper are the most used seasoning in the United States and every restaurant have
them. Pepper costs have risen over 300 percent in the last four years and food costs have risen
as well making it tougher for the restaurants to make money.

That being said you as an owner should benefit from
every advantage you can.

Each table has Salt and Pepper, why not partner with a Local beef-salt-pepper (1)Business to advertise on the Jars of the seasonings and create a Conversation Piece.

How it Works

Spice Partners works with a Local Business that you the Restaurant Owner approves of to advertise on your Salt and Pepper .

That Business pays for the Advertising and those Fees
pay for the Salt and Pepper service costs.

pepper Grinder 2