Our standard labels are 5” wide by 3” tall with rounded corners. Label artwork that you submit should be created to fit these dimensions exactly. No bleed is necessary. Please keep critical artwork at least 1/8 inch away from the edge of the label or leave a white border all around the label art.

Label Size: 5 inches wide by 3 inches tall

Critical information areas: When designing your label, keep in mind that only part of the label is visible at any given time. Your name/logo should be front and center and no more than 2 inches wide for maximum visibility when on display. The shaded areas below help illustrate the most to the least visible areas of the label when on display.

Image Resolution: All images should be 300 PPI (pixels per inch – also known as dots per inch, or DPI) at 100% of their printed size. Ultimately, your label will be 1500 pixels wide by 900 pixels high.

Color mode: All artwork should be submitted in RGB color mode. Artwork submitted in CMYK will be converted to RGB which may cause undesirable color shifts.

Color discaimer: We understand that colors on your computer screen may look different than they do on ours and may print differently on different printers. You have our word that we’ll do our very best to make sure your label looks as good as possible. If modifications beyond simple, reasonable corrections are necessary we may ask you to correct them and resubmit the artwork or have our Design team make the adjustments which may result in additional art fees. If color is critical or you are ordering 1000 or more labels we’ll make arrangements for a different printing method.

Artwork Submission: All artwork that is less than 5MB in size may be submitted via e-mail to If your art files are larger than 5MB please contact us for submission instructions.